Panic devices


By default Rever, Univer and Proget doors include safety levers coupled with long backplates with cylinder holes. Each handle set includes a patent key insert, a 9 x 9 square spindle, fastener screws and spacers. M1 handles are fire rated consisting of a metal core inside the lever and a galvanized steel cover plate to protect the cylinder hole. The M1 handles have been certified in accordance with DIN 18273:1997-12.

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On request Rever, Univer and Proget doors with standard locks (Std 015) or three-point locking mechanisms (3vie PRO) may be supplied with a Euro profile cylinder with three keys. They may also be provided in unique coding or group coded versions, or in combination with unique or group mastering.   Find out more…


The door closer regulates the closure of the door so that the door leaf returns properly to its final closed position after being released.

Regulation is influenced by closure force, speed and the final impact. Although Univer and Proget doors are equipped with spring hinges for automatic closure, the installation of door closers is recommended for wide and/or heavy doors and/or in the presence of windows on the leaf. The door closer product is addressed by EU directive 89/106/CEE, which means it is subject to CE marking.

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On request, Univer and Proget doors are available with an automatic door sweep to prevent air drafts from entering through the crack between the leaf and the floor. It complements the FF sealing applied to the frame to provide better acoustic insulation and better air sealing for the door. It is applied on the push side by using screws to attach it directly to the sheet metal of the door, after which the mechanism is completely covered with an anodized aluminum profile. On request, it can also be provided in the same color as the door leaf. It is applied on site following door installation so that it can be adjusted to the actual leaf height.

Lengths avail. FM L active leaf FM L secondary leaf
430 mm from 500 to 520 from 407 to 506
530 mm from 521 to 620 from 507 to 606
630 mm from 621 to 720 from 607 to 706
730 mm from 721 to 820 from 707 to 806
830 mm from 821 to 920 from 807 to 906
930 mm from 921 to 1020 from 907 to 1006
1030 mm from 1021 to 1120 from 1007 to 1106
1130 mm from 1121 to 1220 from 1107 to 1206
1230 mm from 1221 to 1320 from 1207 to 1306
1330 mm from 1321 to 1340 from 1307 to 1330

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“Access” code keypad Power supply 12-18 V AC/V DC with 10 numeric buttons plus an Enter key, including control unit for 1 door and timer incorporated (0,5÷25 sec.). Up to 500 recordable different codes, composed from 1 to 6 digits.   Find out more…



Certified in accordance with EN 1154-2 and EN 1154-4 standards. The processor was designed and built in conformity with UNI EN 1154 standards, which regulate processors for fire alarms and related accessories which each must conform with EN1154 standards.

Technical data
model 52002
primary power supply 230 V AC, 100 mA, 50-60Hz
auxiliary power supply 2 batteries, 12 V DC/1,1 ÷ 1,3 Ah
minimum output current 264 mA
maximum output current 424 mA
buffer battery charger output 24 V DC (27.6 V DC)
protection rating IP30
operational temperature -5°C ÷ +40°C
operational zones single zone (mono-zone)
acoustic alarm internal buzzer
„low battery” signal intermittent internal buzzer
EC certification 0051-CPD-0264
conformity with standards EN 1154-2 +A1:2006EN 1154-4:1997 + A1:2002 + A1:2006

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