Acces Control - Accessories


Panic devices


“Access” code keypad Power supply 12-18 V AC/V DC with 10 numeric buttons plus an Enter key, including control unit for 1 door and timer incorporated (0,5÷25 sec.). Up to 500 recordable different codes, composed from 1 to 6 digits.

„Access“ code keypad

Card-based control system Card control system with timer incorporated (art. 55611 + 55613 + 55615), including Badge reader, control unit, flat cable, external 230 V DC/15 V DC transformer, three blank badges and a coded badge.

Card-based control system

„TOCA access“ biometric reader „TOCA access“ biometric reader for reading fingerprints and transforming them into key codes. Includes an internal unit for registering, memorizing and cancelling users and external unit for fingerprints. Autonomous low voltage 9 V AC power supply.

Biometric reader

Unlock button Unlock button (art. GW 20 523), with white casing and control light.

Power Supply Switching 12 V DC/3 A With different management options:

  • max. Nr. 10 MAC® Multifunction Access Control *
  • or max. Nr. 5 13700 TD Electromagnets
  • or max. Nr. 5 ELM/mt Electric handles *
  • or max. Nr. 8 ELM/cisa Electric handles *

* provided that they are not commanded simultaneously

Unlock button                                Power Supply Switching 12 V DC/3 A