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Panic devices


Certified in accordance with EN 1154-2 and EN 1154-4 standards. The processor was designed and built in conformity with UNI EN 1154 standards, which regulate processors for fire alarms and related accessories which each must conform with EN1154 standards.

Technical data
model 52002
primary power supply 230 V AC, 100 mA, 50-60Hz
auxiliary power supply 2 batteries, 12 V DC/1,1 ÷ 1,3 Ah
minimum output current 264 mA
maximum output current 424 mA
buffer battery charger output 24 V DC (27.6 V DC)
protection rating IP30
operational temperature -5°C ÷ +40°C
operational zones single zone (mono-zone)
acoustic alarm internal buzzer
„low battery” signal intermittent internal buzzer
EC certification 0051-CPD-0264
conformity with standards EN 1154-2 +A1:2006EN 1154-4:1997 + A1:2002 + A1:2006

This is a control unit which administers the door-holding electromagnets for fire doors, where standards require consideration of every possible and imponderable event that could happen during normal functioning. The following, therefore, are subject to constant monitoring: all exits towards the smoke and heat detectors, the alarm and reset buttons, the external siren and the charge of the two batteries. The microprocessor itself, which functions as the brain of the system, is constantly monitored at regular intervals by a specific system routine that checks for proper functioning of the operational software. Any hitches, breakdowns or malfunctions are signaled by one of the ten LED diodes on the front panel, and the internal buzzer provides an additional acoustic signal for specific cases. Alarm or breakdown situations can then be reset at three different levels depending on the seriousness of the event: by a button located near the microprocessor, by a first button on the front of the microprocessor unit and by a second button on the same panel that requires key selector activation (key in possession of the safety manager). A fourth reset level is then supplied for the circuit only (operation executable by authorized technical personnel only).

ATTENTION According to standard EN 1154-4, it is obligatory for the mono-zone processor to be equipped with:

  • Nr. 1 heat/smoke detector RFC certif. EN 1154-7
  • Nr. 1 pair of buffer batteries
  • Nr. 1 external electronic siren certif. EN 1154-3
  • Nr. 1 alarm activation button certif. EN 1154/11


  • max. Nr. 5 RFC heat/smoke detectors
  • max. Nr. 5 alarm activation buttons
  • max. Nr. 2 electronic sirens
  • Nr. 4 EM or EMP electromagnets
  • Nr. 2 buffer batteries


Certified in accordance with UNI EN 1154-5 and EN 1154-7 standards. RFC heat and smoke detector characterized by white ABS casing. Optical/thermic operation with intervention temperature to be set between 54 and 65°C. To ensure proper functioning, the detectors must be subjected to regular 6-month maintenance checks. Please note that it is inadvisable to position the sensor where strong air currents are present.

Technical data
operational voltage 10 ÷ 30 V DC, typically 24 V DC
consumption at rest, at 24 V DC 70 µA
absorption of alarm at 24 V DC 50 mA

Technical data operational temperature -40°C ÷ +60°C conformity with EN 1154-5, EN 1154-7 standards


Pair of rechargeable buffer batteries, 12 V DC/1.2 Ah

NOTE All DOOR-HOLDING SYSTEMS are supplied in separate packaging and require on-site assembly.


Includes a volume control function for installation in internal and external environments. The connection is made using double clamps (6) for branching.

Technical data
power supply 9 ÷ 28 V DC
absorption by alarm at 12 V DC 8 mA
absorption by alarm at 24 V DC 16 mA
protection rating IP65
operational temperature -25°C ÷ +70°C
conformity with standard EN 1154-3

With 28 or 32 selectable tones and a second tone for two-phase alarms.

Dimensions: Ø 91 x 91mm.


Pressure on the plastic front plate activates the electrical contact. Re-arming of the contact is executed manually using a key (provided).

Technical data
power supply max. 30 V DC
protection rating IP41
operational temperature max. +65°C
internal exchange contact n.o./n.c.
conformity with standard EN 1154-11

In red color ABS with a weight of 110 gr.

Dimensions: 99 x 95 x 43mm.


EM wall electromagnet with white plastic casing, complete with unlock button. Anchor consisting of a nickel-plated plate and a jointed baseboard.

Technical data
power supply 24 V DC
absorption 60 mA
minimum withstand force 55 Kg.
EC certification 0407-CPD-011 (IG-098-2004) /02
conformity with standard EN 1155


EMP floor electromagnets, consisting of a galvanized metal core with an unlock button and a fastener plate. Anchor consisting of a nickel-plated plate and jointed baseboard.

NOTE All DOOR-HOLDING SYSTEMS are supplied in separate packaging and require on-site assembly.

Technical data
power supply 24 V DC
absorption 60 mA
minimum withstand force 55 Kg.
EC certification 0407-CPD-011 (IG-098-2004)
conformity with standard EN 1155