Paint for interior use (group 01) with turquoise pastel colored epoxy-polyester powders – lighter tone for the leaf (NCS4020-B50G) and darker for the frame (NCS5020-B50G). The tonalities of the frame and the door leaf are represented on the photo to the right.


Paint for interior use (groups 02 and 03) available in a variety of RAL colors with epoxy-polyester powders. Doors must be protected from atmospheric agents. Sunlight fades the colors.

Distinct from other RAL tints, metallic tinted paints RAL 9006, RAL 9007 (group 3) and RAL 9006 E (group 04) present a finish with a wrinkled structure that requires pre-approval of a sample.

*requires pre-approval of a sample.


Paint for exterior use (group 04) with polyester powders in various RAL tints.

*requires pre-approval of a sample.


Paint available for interior and exterior use (group 05) with epoxy-polyester and polyester (respectively) powders in the requested RAL tints. Group 05 does not include special colors, such as metallic, mica, smooth or wrinkled texture and other sample tints like Pantone, NCS, etc.

Colors by request only


Cleaning Water and neutral soap are recommended for the regular cleaning of our products. Do not use common cleaning products (see detergents) and/or other solvents. We shall not be held responsible for any problems that arise if these guidelines are not respected.

Retouching On request, the Ninz company also provides touch-up paint (nitro/synthetic) in 0,25 or 1,00 kg cans in the necessary RAL tint.



  • For re-painting, use the following procedure:
  • sand and carefully wipe away any dust from the surfaces
  • apply a base layer of opaque 2-component epoxide – we recommend EPOX product Nr. 5203 beige 0059 (made by ALCEA, in Milan)
  • repaint the surfaces with your choice of lacquers or paints.

WARNING! Application to exterior doors requires for the adoption of various measures for preventing product degradation, such as:

  1. The door should always be protected from bad weather. The door can be permanently damaged if water seeps inside the door leaf. Provide canopies or roofing to protect newly installed and existing products.
  2. Avoid choosing darker colors when the doors will be exposed to direct sunlight. The sheet metal can heat up and cause warping of the door leaf that may compromise the functionality of the door itself.

An artifact of the printing process is that the colors depicted here may not correspond exactly to the colors of actual doors. Please see the RAL or NCS samples.

Protection Since the doors have been designed for normal interior use, they should always be protected from atmospheric agents and direct sunlight. Exterior uses require paints that are specially designed for this kind of application (see groups 04, 05).


NDD – Ninz Digital Decor decorative painting. Graphic illustrations are applied directly to the flat surfaces of the door leaf after it has been painted with a base coat of polymerized powders. Painting with high-resolution digital print using special ink jets. The application of an additional layer of transparent coating ensures optimal protection of the decorative paint. Decorative NDD painting is available for the entire range of one- and two-leaved Rever, Univer and Proget doors.

NDD® – Ninz Digital Decor introduces style and design to metal door products. Ninz doors can be directly printed with either your company’s logo or designs, materials and symbols selected from a wide variety of NDD®, or also with your preferred artwork or customized images. NDD® introduces innovations to doors as an architectural entity; introducing NDD® can create added value on socio-cultural, economic and emotional dimensions.

The website illustrates an infinity of continuously updated decorations that have been categorized into eight groups for rapid review. The groups are listed on the next page.

Laboratory testing executed on NDD® samples result
500 h exposure test in salt fog good performance, no sign of deterioration encountered
500 h humidity resistance test good performance, no deterioration or loss of surface shine
500 h UVA radiation resistance test good performance, no deterioration or loss of surface shine
Abrasion resistance test after 1000 cycles the decoration was unaltered
Solvent resistance test good performance, no deterioration in the decoration or the background paint


ARTLINE This group includes a wide selection of famous artworks drawn from ancient history up to the present day. These extraordinary designs endow the environment with a special atmosphere as an expression of style.

WOOD This set includes an endless variety of realistic imitations of classic, exotic, special and colored types of wood.



FANTASY NDD is a data bank of exclusive NINZ images and creations.

STONES This selection includes an endless variety of realistic imitations of marbles, granites and other stones.



REFINEMENTS Contains an infinite number of NDD decorations and textures created on customer request and available and useable for a diverse variety of applications.

PUBLICITY Transforms Ninz doors into a publicity tool for the company and its products. Printing of the logo integrates the door into the company image. A variety of actual applications are reported here.



PHOTOGRAPHS This group contains original photos of country sides, objects, animals, environments, etc., with the appropriate foto resolution.

SYMBOLS Given the particular importance of this group, a special department has been created for workplace safety symbols, room description/labeling symbols, the simple numbering of rooms, etc.




Doors with decorative NDD painting are supplied with:

  • doorframes in the proposed color
  • door leaf rebate in the base color of the leaf itself
  • hinges in the frame color
  • accessories of the type and finishing according to the Ninz door price lists and brochures
  • decoration covering the window frame and/or the central upright, requitre that these are covered with NDD decorated sheet metal


New codes and pricing are required for customized decorations and decorations that employ colors not listed in this brochure. In such cases, customers may also be asked to indicate where logos and symbols should be positioned on the door leaf, via the following forms of support:

  • PC-GENERATED FILE (logos, symbols, designs, etc.) in specialized “Illustrator” or “Freehand” format. Submit the file by e-mail or on a CD/DVD-ROM.
  • DIAPOSITIVE with a 36 mm or 6 x 6 image of the picture uploaded to a PC using a scanner (professional scanner required). Submit the file (TIF, PDF or JPG format) in maximum resolution on CD/DVD-ROM.
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGE made with a digital camera. Submit the file (TIF, PDF or JPG format) in maximum resolution on CD/DVD-ROM.


The exterior installation of NDD doors requires specific treatments for preventing the decorations from deteriorating over time. The cost supplement covers all door leaf surfaces except for the leaf rebate.


The particularity and prestige of NDD decorations requires a special protection of the doors by packaging them in special wooden crates with an additional layer of external nylon wrapping. At the time of ordering, therefore, the additional cost for the wooden crate must be taken into consideration. Customers who opt for standard packaging on pallets must assume full responsibility in case of damage to the product.


Airports – Train stations

Commercial businesses

Sport centers – Stadiums

Logistic centers

Hotels – Residences

Airports – Train stations

Museums – Historical buildings

Hospitals – Nursing homes

Parking lots

Schools – Universities